Geelong Crusaders.

The Geelong Crusaders are a combat re-enactment group based in Geelong who strive to preserve the heritage of the crusading periods from all cultures (11th to 13th Century), and foster a creative environment for historical knowledge and combat. “My start with the crusaders was entirely an accident. I invited a couple of close friends over to do a bit of training since our old club shut down and I must have done a good job, because several years and locations later, they’re still coming along each week.” – Lachlan, President of the Geelong Crusaders.

The club’s primary focus is on the safe and responsible use of martial weapons for fitness, competitive sport and stage fighting. Members build skills in a variety of weapon sets, including single-sword, sword and shield, florentine, hand and a half or two-handed sword, single-handed axe, poleaxe, spear, javelin and dagger.

They also offer instruction in a variety of medieval crafts, and actively encourage members to share and discuss information and knowledge relating to the Crusading period.

“I joined the Geelong Crusaders in 2015, and attending training quickly became one of my favourite parts of the week. I still look forward to Sundays when I can swing a sword, and enjoy the company of fellow history-enthusiasts. I also enjoy attending re-enactment events with the club and being a part of historical encampments.” – Nicolas

Training sessions are held every Sunday at Fyansford Common, Geelong. The Geelong Crusaders are also regulars at some of Victoria’s most prominent Re-enactment events, including the annual Timeline Festival and the Victorian Goldfields Medieval Faire.

“I moved to Bannockburn a few years ago and that same year the Timeline Festival was held up the road from my house. I spent all weekend at the festival and loved every minute of it. The following year, I saw that the Crusaders were running a recruitment event. I went along and fell in love with all the amazing people there.” – Peta

The club emphasises inclusion, and aims to provide a fun and safe space for all members without exception.

For more information about the Geelong Crusaders, or to get in touch, please visit their Facebook page:

The Geelong Crusaders also regularly attend the Humans in Geelong Expo and this year sent in a video for the Online Expo, it can be viewed on our YouTube or here:

Story: Jacqui Bennett. Photos: Supplied