Snags and Keith.

Snags and Keith… where to start? We’ve had Snags for 9 years, he’s the wise old man of the pair. Keith is the rambunctious little pocket rocket that came in to turn our world upside down. The first week we had him, we were convinced we’d made a horrible mistake in getting another dog, Snags was extremely unimpressed, to put it lightly. But they are now literally inseparable, with Snags discovering a whole new lease on life. That was just over a year ago.

The pair provide us with joyous daily entertainment and have managed to introduce us to a whole range of new people, via social media, but also there isn’t a walk we go on that we aren’t stopped countless times for pats and chats.

We started the Instagram page as a bit of fun, they’re an entertaining combination and provide us with many laughs so it was purely to keep all the cute and funny content we had taken of them, in one location. We never ever expected it to take off the way it has.

Dachshunds seem to be very on trend at the moment and we went from a following of just friends and family, to people from all over the world, within days. 

The biggest thing to come from the account has been the ability to help small businesses, especially throughout such trying times. From new pet accessories, sampling dog treats and trying new toys through to working with artists, we have loved trying new things as well as taking part in projects to help support others.

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This has been something we have really enjoyed, coming up with new and creative ways to help engage and grow our followers. Through the account we have been able to help promote and advertise for businesses not only locally, but worldwide! They’re like mini influencers!

We have some very exciting things in the works that we look forward to sharing as they unfold. We have been blown away with how inundated we’ve been with daily messages of opportunities offered, as well as appreciation and enjoyment of those that follow our page.

October 14th 2020 “Don’t let his size or his puppy dog eyes fool you. He’ll steal your heart, then your shoes!”

For something quite simple on our behalf, it’s extremely satisfying to know that our page can bring a smile to someone’s face.

Follow the mischievous, miniature Daschie brothers, Snags and Keith on Instagram @snags.keith.sausagedogs

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