Tiaras, Tears & Triumphs, Sandy.

I am a survivor of an abusive relationship. I relocated to the Bellarine Peninsula a few years ago, after I fled. I came to this new community quite
broken and traumatized, with my 3 children who were all in a similar state.

“We have slowly but surely been rebuilding our lives. I met a good man a few years ago and we married in 2018.

“When I saw that domestic violence rates were escalating when Covid-19 started turning the world upside down, I felt the universe give me a nudge to do something to reach out to other women like me.

“So, I set to learning how to create a Podcast to try and create a safe
space for women to tune into, to feel supported and connected in what they
are going through.

“I launched my ‘Podcast Tiaras, Tears and Triumphs in mid- August. It is a mix of education and information and resources, combined with interviews with
people who work in support roles to help women face their challenges.

“My aim is to help women who are vulnerable to rise up to their true value and regain control over their lives. This is the link to the video that I
produced, with more information, for the Humans in Geelong Online Expo 2020.


You can listen to my
podcasts here

https://podcasts.apple.com/au/podcast/tiaras-tears-triumphs-sandy-j-podcast-helping-victims/id1527213561 “

Sandy Johnston Video supplied.

Tiaras Tears and Triumphs Podcast

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