i4give Day, Geelong.

Sometimes, it only takes a few people to take action and create change. Steven Rajan and wife Jacqeulin Thangavelu were inspired by i4give Day and held a last-minute gathering in Geelong on Monday at Johnstone Park, in honour of this day.

i4give Day was launched by Sydney parents, the Abdullah and Sakr families, who lost 4 of their children in a horrific crash on February 1st last year. To help them heal, they have forgiven the man who was driving the car that killed their children. They said ‘forgiveness is the greatest gift you can give yourself and to others’. This resonated with Steven and Jacqeulin who organized the Geelong vigil at 6pm on Monday. They also believe it is important to focus on forgiveness. They hope this day will be marked in our city each year.

Steven reminded us that 13 people have died on Victorian roads to date this year. He also spoke of a loved ones he had lost in an accident.

Steven is the Reverend and Jacqeulin the Senior Minister (centre) at the Covenant Grace Church in Geelong. Thanks for inspiring us to think about forgiveness.

Photo: Jacqui Bennett

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