Are you looking for the Geelong UooUoos? They’ve moved to Pivot City at the Federal Mills in North Geelong. There are 100 UooUoos displayed across Geelong and Melbourne, they are designed by Australian artists and sponsored by local businesses. They’ve been commissioned for the Royal Children’s Hospital 150th Anniversary Art Trail.

The art trail will run until 21 March 2021, with all sculptures going to auction to raise funds for The Royal Children’s Hospital.

Here’s a list of the Geelong UooUoos below. Geelong artists such as Jacklyn Foster, who designed Art Can Change Your World, and Christy Chudosnik, who designed Crystalline Opal Dream, have theirs exhibited in Melbourne. You can read more about the design inspiration and artist on the UooUoo website: https://uoouoo.org.au/uoouoos/

1.     UooLoola by Ilanit Gros

2.     Forest Turtle by Luisa Gioffre-Suzuki

3.     Tuoo Face by Scott Stuart

4.     Geelong My Home by Lauren McDonnel

5.     Fish Forest by Mike Makatron

6.     Untitled by Ghostpatrol

7.     Pixo & Pixa by Laine Hogarty

8.     Trees Birds and Us by Camilla Eustance

9.     Blossom by Alison White

10.   Belonging to Matter by Emily Walters

UooUoo (pronounced you-you) has been created by award-winning Melbourne artist Alexander Knox, who also created the iconic sculpture ‘Creature’ that stands in the main foyer of the RCH. UooUoo is an imaginary Australian creature whose shape is loosely drawn from the wombat and dugong.

A mysterious being, UooUoo is highly empathetic, playful and brave, but can be mischievous at times.

Each UooUoo – individually designed by an Australian artist and sponsored by a Victorian business.

Photos: Jacqui Bennett