Rocky and Whiskas.

“The words Gay or Homosexual are not uncommon in the world today. In fact, they are quite acceptable. Now, prepare yourself for what is fact in the rooster world and the entertainment for me is something magical.” Elaine Janes has a Valentine Tale for us.

“Rocky, my silkie rooster, almost three years old, is a rock-solid male. He has always been a real loner and is a magnificent looking creature. His shiny long hair covers many shades of golden brown to blonde. He never gets in a tizz and always sleeps alone in a big dog kennel, putting himself to bed between 5 and 6pm every night.

“Now his life has changed dramatically. Love at first sight happened the afternoon of arriving home with Whiskas, a rescue rooster who needed a home. He was tucked under my arm, and had no idea how his life would become enriched and mushy.

“Whiskas, a mixture breed has a velvety coat of rainbow colours highlighted with a white feathered moustache. He looks gung-ho, he also has an unusual walk. His feet cross each other almost like a ballet dancer. One could say he often walks on demi-point.

“Rocky looked at Whiskas and it seemed to be an instant attraction. Rocky and Whiskas are now an inseparable couple. Chooks and roosters are as human as we are, they have feelings, moods and tantrums. They can also be grumpy, excited, happy, content and mischievous.

“My constant observation of Rocky and Whiskas has been the most fascinating experience ever. It gives me immense delight to watch them. and must admit I see a feeling of united love, this is real dinky die love for each other.”

Story and Photo: Elaine Janes