Raise Mentoring.

Could you make a difference in a teenager’s life?

Local schools, including Belmont High School, are seeking volunteer mentors to support students through evidence-based, best-practice mentoring programs.  For more information please visit:  https://raise.org.au/mentor/

From vulnerable and disengaged to resilient and confident – Raise’s youth mentoring program is proven to help young people thrive. At Raise they match everyday people from the community with a young person at a local High School for a one-to-one mentoring experience.

All you need is the desire to make a difference! Raise provide you with expert training enabling you to mentor a Year 8 student who needs a trusted, neutral adult, willing to listen.

Once matched with a student in your community, the program is structured, managed and supported by a qualified Raise counsellor.

Raise aims for a powerful mentoring movement that creates thriving communities.