Harmony Day 2021, The Red Violets.

Today is Harmony Day. “We have written and recorded a song called ‘Marching Free’ – a song of inclusiveness and respect, supporting the theme ‘everyone belongs’, to celebrate Harmony Week. We are a musical duo called The Red Violets (Claire Foley and Jill O’Dowd). 

“The most memorable part of our celebration was meeting so many beautiful people and sharing the joy of creating art, dancing, playing and making new friends.

“We held a music and art workshop with so many beautiful children and their families to create a meaningful piece of artwork that we included in our music video clip. 

“The rainbow eyes in our art piece represent people from all nations and backgrounds looking a little deeper to see that we are all the same.

“The song was released on Sunday the 14th of March to celebrate the start of Harmony Week.

“The words in this song are very powerful: ‘We are stronger together when we are marching as one.’ It’s been played in local schools to celebrate Harmony Week and shared via social media and YouTube.


“We’re thrilled it has shared widely and because the video is inclusive of many families and many cultures it has reached a broad audience. It took a great deal of preparation and co-ordination to prepare the song, bring our families together and to record, edit and publish our finished product, but it has all been worth it.

“We worked with our friend Fr Michael to build connections with new families to the region and with our local youth arts co-ordinator to access a venue and materials for the artwork. We also had incredible support from our families and Jill’s daughter Ruby filmed and produced the video and younger sister Bella did the artwork on the eyes.

“We are so proud of this song and are so excited to celebrate Harmony Week through sharing this experience with so many people of diverse backgrounds. The messages in the song align perfectly with Harmony Week and we aim to add to the awareness of what the week represents.”

The Red Violets. Photo: supplied