Trinity Jane.

“I love all things music! Mainly I am a vocalist and songwriter but dabble in guitar and keys. With my solo project ‘Trinity Jayne’ I lean towards an indie/folk singer songwriter vibe which I love, inspired by Cat Power, Courtney Barnett, Patti Smith, Birdy etc.

“I also front an indie/grunge band called ‘Nurse Ratchet’ inspired by The Breeders, L7, Nirvana, Black Sabbath etc. So, my love for music is very broad but just as deep!

“The writing and performing processes are my very favourite, although both are so different – one very private and intimate, and one so public. I’ve written lyrics and poetry since… forever, so it’s kind of a huge part of me. In the past 4 years I’ve grown to love live performance just as much as writing. I missed it so, so, much last year in lockdown. 

“Recently I was invited to play at VCE Top Class which was an amazing opportunity. I recorded my first EP at Audrey Studios in Melbourne which was an amazing experience to be recording with a producer in a professional studio.

“Late last year I was honoured to receive the Geelong Youth Arts award for my music, work with Superfuzz Music Festival and Alter Ego Zine which gave me a booster to be able to afford my next recording which is in the pipelines!

“I’m from Torquay and have always lived by the coast, which I guess, has influenced my music and passionate political views on the climate crisis. I’m still completing my VCE Year 12 studies but next year I plan to focus on pursuing music and working toward my dream of being able to travel with music.

“I also run a small arts/culture zine called Alter Ego featuring local Geelong and regional artists which has introduced me to some amazing local talents. I have a huge passion for film and fashion design as well as music! (insta @alteregomagazine)

“I love how the music scene in Geelong has grown into this beautiful group of incredibly talented artists and the support from everyone is so amazing. I love seeing other musos at gigs supporting not only their mates but other local musicians!”

Watch Trinity’s video ‘Nothing Like Me’ on our Online Expo 2020.

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Trinity Jayne. Photo supplied.