Noah Stott.

“Hey everyone! My name is Noah, I love music and I’ve achieved a dream of programming concert lighting and DJ for 30,000 people in Fiji.” Noah talks some more about his Type 1 Diabetes and how it hasn’t held him back.

“I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes on a holiday in Spain at 18 months old. I am now 20 and have had diabetes for almost 19 years.

“I manage my Type1 diabetes with a Dexcom G5 and a Medtronic 640G insulin pump, but I am upgrading soon to a G6 and a T-Slim. Growing up I really struggled learning to manage my diabetes and struggled with the idea that I would be restricted from achieving great things. But my diabetes hasn’t stopped me!

“I am a Lighting Technician, DJ and Music Producer. Some of the things I have done are move interstate alone at 19 to study at NIDA, program concert lighting and DJ for 30,000 people in Fiji, jet ski alone and most recently become a mentor on type 1 camps for @thetype1foundation. I’m running a live dance party for them called ‘Diabeats’, for teens and young adults, on July 3rd. Register on their website.

“I really want to help teenagers and young adults feel better about their Type1 diabetes and understand that it doesn’t have to limit them. My DMs in Instagram are open if anybody wants to chat @stottnoah

Fun Fact – Noah was Spiderman at the Humans in Geelong Expo 2018 and is part of our Flashmob video, which continues to delight many, from that Expo. You can find it on our YouTube.

Story: Jacqui Bennett. Photos supplied.