Rikki Dank, Gudanji Traditional Owner.

My name is Rikki. I’m a proud custodian of the lands and waters of Gudanji Country in the Northern Territory.

I know this Country. I read this Country. I speak for it and its songlines. Fighting for it is my birthright.

I’ve been fighting for my Country against fracking gasfields for years. But any day now, the Federal Government will try to rush through new laws that would pour $50 million of public money into fracking gasfields across my Country and the Country of neighbouring Nations.

If this goes ahead, our lands, water, cultural heritage, and the future of our communities are all at stake.

But the Senate can block these new laws – if enough of the opposition stand up, against it. So I’ve written them a letter with Traditional Owners of neighbouring Nations of Yanyuwa, Garrwa, Alawa, Mudburra, and Jingili.

Our message is simple:

We will not allow fracking corporations to cause any more pain, hurt or division in our communities. We will not allow them to drill fracking gasfields across our Country. Not now. Not ever.

Humans of Geelong, we are asking you to join us in our call.

Will you add your name to our open letter ?


These greedy gas and oil corporations have consistently shown us disrespect as we say no to their dangerous and risky fracking gasfield plans. Giving them more power and money to desecrate our lands undermines our land rights as Traditional Owners.

They say this money is for “recovery”. Tell me, how does drilling into our land and poisoning our water help us recover?

How does pouring money into destruction instead of answering our persistent calls for proper housing and healthcare in our communities help us recover?

$50 million for fracking corporations is not recovery – it’s short-term money that will cause long term pain, sow division, and damage Country and community.


Rikki Dank, Gudanji Traditional Owner.

Note, a group of locals worked very hard to implement a ban on fracking in Victoria.

Photo: Aboriginal artist, through the Torch Project, projected on to building next to Barwon Water by Matt Bonner for Reconciliation Week 2021.