Josie Weedon.

“My husband and I came to live in Geelong 16 years ago after living on a farm near Ballan, Vic. and we did not know a soul (except our daughter) here and I never bothered to look at people’s faces as I walked down the street because I knew I did not know anyone. 

“Early on, after our move here, we needed a small job done to our carpet and along came a recommended tradesperson. Chatting away, he asked us what we were going to do with ourselves, now that we had retired, and we said we would probably join a bushwalking club – an activity we had been involved in previously.  

“He told us about his enjoyment of being a (then) new member of Life Activities Club Geelong and agreed to send us a Newsletter which had details of activities they organised listed in it.  We kept it tucked away for almost a year, then one Tuesday decided to go to the Clubrooms (nervously) to see if we could join the walks, which were listed activities. What a wonderful welcome we got from the members there and on that day we joined with one of the members who was good enough to walk and chat with us.

“Then we ventured into the Bike Group and,  …..well ….. we were hooked.   Previously living in the country we were unable to ride unless we took our bikes to some quiet areas, or on holidays, but now Geelong provides many good, safe riding tracks.   

“The Club provides several levels of bike riding ability groups, so it is possible to ride long distances; spend several days away with a small group in outer areas; or have short morning rides, locally, three times a week, and there are even several riders with electric bikes to help them keep up the activity.

“We keep so fit we surprise our children; we have, of course, over the years, slowed down on what we can achieve, but, of course, we can no longer walk down the street and not look at faces as we go.   We will almost always meet someone we know.   

“Earlier this year, we had a week in Port Fairy with a Life Activities-arranged Caravan/Cabin trip.  Walking down its main street one day, my husband met an acquaintance from one of his Geelong activities.

“As for bush walking, well, there just isn’t the time!!

“One of the best things we ever did was join the Life Activities Club Geelong.” Josie Weedon.

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Photo: Phil Hines Photography.

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