Kids Thrive 2021.

“Everyone is very impressed that 4 boys have worked so hard on their Gender Equality project.” I’m talking to Brock, Jarrod, Michael and David from Grade 6 at Northern Bay’s Tallis Street Campus. The Grade 6s are participating in the Kids Thrive Program. The students form small groups, inquire in to those in need and formulate a way to help. 

Brock tells us more. “There’s a Cultural Diversity group who are collecting food for the Food Bank to help the culturally diverse in need. An Animals group are supplying snuggle blankets to Geelong Animal Welfare Service (GAWS). Another group is collecting clothes and blankets for Geelong Mums who support families in need.

L-R: Brock, Michael and Jarrod. David was absent.

“The Kids Thrive Program raises awareness for helping and caring for others. Our group is about Gender Equality and I can relate to that because I have two younger sisters. We investigated and found out that some girls miss school if they don’t have the sanitary items they need. My little sister adores school and I wouldn’t want to see her, or anyone like her, missing out.

“We had to come up with a plan and pitch it to three judges. They told us they were very impressed with how we presented our pitch confidently and persuasively. We’ve received $220 to purchase sanitary items and toiletries that girls might need. We’re going to buy small packets of toothpaste, shampoo, deodorant and conditioning cream, also pads and tampons. We know about these things because we’ve learnt about it in health. We’re going to put everything in 7 zip lock bags which we’ll donate to Humans in Geelong who will pass them on to a group that helps others.”

Together we talked about charities who support families and young girls in need; One Care, Christ Church Meals Program, the Salvation Army and St Vincent de Paul. The boys decided to donate the items to Vinnies as they knew of a popular Vinnies Op Shop nearby.

The Kids Thrive Program runs over a number of weeks and early this term the groups will have the items to pass on to each cause. Congratulations team Gender Equality and to all the students involved in this worthwhile program.

Story and Photo: Jacqui Bennett. From left to right: Brock, Michael and Jarrod. David was absent.