Salty Sundays.

“When I was young, I endured physical and psychological abuse, which resulted in serious trauma. This led to a spiral downwards of alcohol and drug abuse, and mental health issues. But I’ve been able to turn this around.” Dylan Chidley, of Salty Sundays tells us more.

“I’d been working in the mining industry, where I was set up for life, earning an attractive salary, but I felt dead inside. I threw it in, to spread the strength of the power of the mind, clean living and physical activity. I started a Personal Training business called Universal Strength that serviced people in getting strong physically but also mentally, focusing on mental health. Lockdowns saw the end to this business. I’m working a trade now, but I needed to connect with others who wanted more from life. Salty Sundays has been the answer.

“I have successfully beaten cancer twice and overcome a brutal bone marrow transplant. It’s Hodgkin’s Lymphoma which is Leukemia’s little brother. I know a combination of mental strength, physical strength, healthy diet and supplements helps. If you don’t truly believe you’ll get better, then you won’t get better. I have a very firm belief that the mind controls our every cell. I’ve shared every step of this journey via @sweetchillidilly.

“Salty Sundays started about 4 months ago with me jumping in to the freezing water off the swimming enclosure at Easter Beach. I believe it’s a great way to reset your mind by making the cold your friend.

“I was joined by a couple of friends. We put it out there for others to join us at 8am on Sunday mornings and there are over 20 people joining in weekly. It’s a cruisie, fun, casual group who’ve become friends and support each other. We’d like to stress that absolutely anybody who would like to feel positive and energised, is welcome to join us; people from all walks of life, there is no one age group or anything along those lines. Those who can, stick around for a hot drink or breakfast afterwards.

“The community that we’ve built is so positive, non-judgemental and caring. We have a chat about how we’re feeling, do some breath work, then, as a group, take a challenging plunge in to the water.”

Dylan @sweetchillydilly has teamed up with Spiritual Medium, Janelle Bridge @janellebridgespiritmedium to deliver Salty Sundays.

Story: Jacqui Bennett who thoroughly enjoyed her Salty Sundays plunge. Video: Supplied.