Marshall Bluestone Cottage saved.

“Good news! The Marshall Bluestone Cottage has been saved! On the 9th April this year, Humans in Geelong was kind enough to feature the Marshall Bluestone Cottage Community Group’s aim to save the 155-year-old historic McAteer Bluestone Cottage, in Marshall, Geelong.

“Thanks to you and our nearly 800 supporters, we have great news…Stage 1, ‘Save McAteer Bluestone Cottage’ is achieved.

“MRPV has engaged a heritage restoration company to dismantle the cottage, following all heritage practices. The cottage has been laser scanned and extensively photographed inside and out, and items will be numbered and put in sections on pallets which will be sealed in builders wrap before being transported to a secure storage site. Many people will commute past the cottage and will notice the dismantle underway. it will be complete by the end of September.

“We will now pivot to Stage 2…Relocate and rebuild McAteer Bluestone Cottage.

In June, City of Greater Geelong Councillors voted unanimously to request the Chief Executive Officer investigate sustainable options for the cottage to be restored for public purposes in the Marshall, Charlemont areas and report to Council by December 2021.

“We will continue to advocate for the cottage to be rebuilt at J F Field Park, Marshall Reserve and become the heart of the neighbourhood as ‘The Marshall Town History House’. 

“The multi-purpose facility could house the history and layered local stories, host exhibitions and provide a meeting space for groups as well as a Tourism information hub, benefiting locals, visitors and CoGG.

“The Marshall and Charlemont areas are undergoing huge change and loss of identity and the below stories are just some that at risk of being lost.

  • The significance of the Marshall name
  • The Irish Immigration stories
  • The McAteer family
  • The first Geelong Racecourse
  • Brealey Brothers Tannery 
  • The Aqueduct
  • Sparrovale Heritage Farm, John Monash designed silos

“History is not just about looking backwards. History gives us the opportunity to reflect on what has happened and move forward for our future. We are living history each day and our modern-day stories will one day be depicted in museums and galleries.

“Warm regards,

Virginia Johnson

President MBCCG”

Photo: supplied