Adam Page.

A Jack of all trades, Adam Page works as a lifestyle co-ordinator, is a talented singer and performer, and runs Facebook page for Humans of Launceston. As fellow ‘Humans’, we wanted to highlight Adam’s work as an exceptional Geelong local. Adam grew up in Geelong and moved to Launceston in his 40s where he did everything from truck driving to singing, labouring to road construction, railways to labouring.

After experiencing these different roles, Adam went back to school and uses his talents in his current job in aged care. “I got into that area of work because I really enjoy the company of elderly people, I always have,” Adam tells Tamar Valley News. “I also enjoy being kind to people on a daily basis and that job, and my role in particular, allows me to be kind, patient and provide fun.”

Adam’s experience in the aged care industry has been wholly positive, with the activities he organises for the residents being fun for everyone.

Adam started Humans of Launceston after a happenstance conversation with a stranger who looked lonely in the park. After learning about the man’s life, his experience in the war, marriages and 11 children, Adam felt compelled to write his story.

“There are a lot of elderly people out there who are unheard, whose stories will go with them when they die,” Adam says. Adam estimates that out of the 160 people he has interviewed over the last 5 or 6 years, at least 30-40 people have since passed away. He mentions how some of his stories have been used as part of eulogies. The families get a keepsake, and Adam’s readers get to learn about these hidden stories.

Some of Adam’s recent interviewees have told stories about World War II, miraculous survivors of a car crash, and nosey telephone operators. Of course, the COViD-19 pandemic has affected the way Adam conducts his interviews. Now, he asks his interviewees about how the pandemic has affected them and their families, which has elicited a highly positive response.

In addition to Humans of Launceston, Adam’s work can be found on his Facebook page Adam Page Rock and Roll Show. Adam’s passion for singing started when he was in his twenties doing around 100 shows a year. He has also performed as an Elvis tribute artist at the Elvis Parks Festival.

You can find more stories from our Tasmanian neighbours on the @HumansofLaunceston page, and send them some love from @HumansinGeelong.

Story: Stephany Downing. Photo: Zac Lockhart