2021 Humans in Geelong Online Expo.

Our Online Expo premieres from 9am this Sunday 10th of October. There are 35 diverse, inspiring, local videos that can be watched in order, or individually. Watch them on the day or ongoing. They’re in the 2021 Humans in Geelong Online Expo playlist on our YouTube channel. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eaTdiiEMD3g&list=PLGU6OzzKnfNtMxklCgGw_Sjb0qPKdDdlB

2021 Online Expo Playlist (in order):

‘Bells Beach – Wadawurrung Country’ featuring Corrina Eccles at Bells Beach, filmed for the Surf Coast Shire.

‘Welcome’ from our team. The Humans in Geelong volunteer team aim to inspire, connect and strengthen community.

‘The Dance’, produced by Humans in Geelong, music by Andrea Robertson, highlighting many groups and individuals who are making a difference.

Chloe Hayden tells us ’10 more things not to say to Autistic People’.

Sandy J of Rise Up offers support to women in abusive relationships.

Baker Boy, ‘My Mind’ filmed at Geelong Waterfront and on the Surf Coast.

The Empowerment Challenge ’16 on a bus and pregnant’ support for young mums.

The Geelong Crusaders.

‘Mozart’s Forte’ by 12-year-old Charlie.

‘Les’s Story’ of Homelessness and support from Lazarus House.

Geelong Lithuanian Dance Group.

‘Covid Safe Greetings’, produced by The Bluebird Foundation featuring an original rap by Baraka the Kid (Fiston Baraka).

‘Back from the Dead’ Geelong Cemetery Tours.

‘Tammy’s Donor, me and UooUoo’, Royal Children’s Hospital 150th Anniversary Art Trail.

‘Covid Safe Birthdays’, produced by The Bluebird Foundation featuring an original rap by Baraka the Kid (Fiston Baraka).

OneCare Geelong ‘Jason’s Story’ creating community and supporting those in need.

‘The Flat Note – is anyone actually surviving in the most locked down State in the World?’ Piano Bar Geelong, produced by TorchT.

‘Covid Safe Gatherings’, produced by The Bluebird Foundation featuring an original rap by Baraka the Kid (Fiston Baraka).

‘Mangroves, Vanguards of the Sea’ environmental statement made through a collaborative art exhibition.

‘GROW’, Peer led Mental Health support.

‘Story Dogs’ giving young school students success with reading.

Jacklyn Foster, artists tells us about being a ‘Full time creative during a Pandemic’.

‘Protect Corio Bay from a Gas Hub’ produced by Geelong’s Fridays for Future.

‘I-SLAM Poetry, Different Voices, One Journey.’

‘Letters’ by performance group Fresh Creative Entertainment.

Combined Refugee Action Group Myth Busters Panel.

‘Recreate your Childhood, it’s never too late’ skater Yavisht takes us for a spin around town.

‘Encompass’, support for those in need.

Deb Taylor, Contemporary Abstract Artist studio tour.

Soroptimists International Geelong.

‘The Geelong Bird Report’ by Craig Morley, life member of the Geelong Field Naturalists.

Liam’s Art.

‘Halloween Jack in the Box’ by The Mik Maks.

‘Become a Raise Youth Mentor’.

Cameron Ling tells us the benefits of becoming a Raise Youth Mentor.

‘Lovely’, duet by Alexis Warden and Ben Humphreys, music by Kym Dillon.

ENJOY! Save the date – December 5th for the in-person Humans in Geelong Expo. The program for this exciting event is on our website. Love to all.