Could the hilarious Megan English be Geelong’s answer to Celeste Barber? We caught up with Megan and asked what she was up to.

“I’m frocking up for Frocktober, the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation’s annual fundraiser.  It’s heaps of fun.

“Each day of October I wear a frock and post about it on social media and my generous friends, family and followers donate.  This is my 7th year of participating and so far, I’ve raised $22,365 with a goal of a further $3000 in 2021.”

Why Ovarian Cancer? “Ovarian cancer is the most lethal gynaecological cancer that claims the life of an Australian women every eight hours.  Symptoms are vague or non-existent which means that it is often not detected until at a late and difficult to treat stage.  The Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation funds the search for an early detection test which would become part of women’s health screening like mammograms and pap smears.  

“With such a test it is projected that over 10 years, 8000 lives in Australia and 1.3 million women and girls worldwide would be saved.

“I’m also participating this year to give my friends a laugh in lockdown which we all need.

“One of my popular Frocktober themes has been “frockmatching”, where I find something that matches my frock to be photographed with.  My poor kids are just about embarrassment proof after photographing me looking outrageous in public spaces all around Geelong.” You can have a laugh by following Megan on insta and FB. 


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Photo: 1. Megan with neighbour Dame Edna Average, come meet them both at our Expo Dec 5th. 2. Frock matching.