Making a difference.

This lovely gentleman cycles around the Barwon River tracks picking up rubbish. One of our readers met him and thought he was worthy of an acknowledgement.

He told her he picks up cigarette butts, rubbish, dog waste bags, anything that’s not meant to be there.

Humans in Geelong like to highlight people who are making a difference. We run a Clean Up Australia site every year. We promote a number of clean up initiatives:

  •  The Victorian Government’s litter watch program invites you to volunteer to be Citizen Scientists and collect, record and catergorise rubbish from along our coastlines.
  • Take 5 for the Sea is easy, we do it anytime we go to the beach.
  • We also promote the Sea Shepard Beach clean ups.

We support environmental groups like Fridays for Future, The Surfriders Foundation, Transitions Streets and Geelong Sustainability who are holding their virtual Sustainable House Day tomorrow and Sunday. Check out their website for more details.

Geelong Renewables Not Gas will be exhibiting and speaking at our free Expo on Sunday 5th December at the Geelong Racecourse.

Pop in the comments what you do or what you’ve seen.

Thanks for sending the picture in Jenefer Hearn.