Offering unforgettable eco-tourism experiences with wild dolphins and seals, James knew he had a responsibility to help sustain and restore the health of the ocean environment. Therefore, he integrated an environmental levy onto each dolphin ticket sold to generate funds to support SOEL and their research initiatives. Southern Ocean Environmental Link (SOEL) is a not-for-profit organisation founded in 2019 by Sea All Dolphin Swims director James Murphy.

SOEL exists to foster and implement unique programs that change humanities attitude towards the marine environment. To ensure tomorrow’s generation are prepared to sustain and restore the health of our oceans. Our purpose is to educate tomorrow’s leaders about current trends, future implications and take responsibility for the place we call home. We do this by supporting research initiatives that help us to understand our ocean and the pressure it faces. Through sponsorship and fundraising efforts, we facilitate inclusive marine experiences, known to create marine advocates for life.

Already SOEL has helped to support significant research and environmental concerns in the Port Phillip Bay marine environment. Our current projects include Popes Eye Marine Park above and submerged live stream camera, Artificial Intelligence for monitoring Burrunan Dolphin, Australian Fur Seal and Weedy Seadragon species, as well as our one-of-a-kind Plastic Recycling Workshop. Further details about each of these projects can be found at

Our favoured education program is the Grassroots Plastic Recycling Workshop. This innovative program will be exhibited at the Humans in Geelong Expo to bring awareness of plastic’s negative impacts on our local marine environment. Participants will be invited to become actively involved in the process of plastic recycling in this hands-on and motivating workshop. During the workshop, participants will be educated on the short- and long-term impacts of plastic pollution while sorting, cleaning, and repurposing the plastics into valuable items. This program creatively creates awareness of this global issue by educating participants on the active part they can play to make a positive impact.

The Free Expo is Sunday 5th December at the Geelong Racecourse from 10-3pm. The fun-filled program can be found at: