Bernard Kelly is a Geelong based serial entrepreneur, with an international audience. Now in his mid 70s, his goal is to maintain his zest for living – by sharing his knowledge about the future.

When he became a real estate agent in 2000, he specialised in investment properties.  His goal was to provide clients with something extra for their retirement – in addition to whatever meagre superannuation that they were likely to end up with.

But he found that there were many sales prospects who couldn’t – for various reasons – establish a property portfolio.

So, he developed a solution to their dilemma – create a side gig. 

Ahead of his time, his research showed that the community’s longevity was increasing rapidly.  Fast forward to today, and you’ll discover that for a male aged 65, the probability that his “estate event” will occur at age 92, and rising.    For a woman (same age) it’s age 94, and rising.    Which means that half of us will be living well into our 90s.

This is a totally unexpected outcome.  Which leads to the question – how can any household continue to generate an income as we age?

Bernard encourages this cohort to develop a work-from-home business enterprise. 

He’s found examples and case studies everywhere and complied the best of the best in the book “37 Case Studies of Profitable Hobbies”.

That project has now been adapted into an online version, which you can find on Facebook.  Just search for … hobby2income…

Now more than ever, we all need a side gig to generate additional income.   

Bernard’s presentation at the 2021 Humans in Geelong Expo, will answer the questions:

  • How best to move forward with your own profitable hobby   
  • How to create additional income.


“Bernard – you always inspire me with how talented you are.  Everyone at 4Retirees believes there is a market for what you are doing.  Don’t ever give up”   Mei Kiore, New Zealand.   

Bernard will be speaking at the free Humans in Geelong Expo on Sunday 5th December at 2pm in Room 2. His talk is about going from ‘Hobby2Income’.

Something for everyone! Full program: https://humansingeelong.com/humans-in-geelong-expo-2021/