Earth Angels.

“Earth Angels. Sparkling caught my eye as I drove past the Eastern Cemetery. I looked closer and saw it was metallic ribbon and Christmas baubles swaying in the breeze and twinkling in the morning sun.

“Further on I saw a lady going along the fence line hanging them all the way down the huge hill. I smiled and thought – there really are some good humans.

“I pulled over and went to see her. She told me she started hanging Christmas decorations after her friend completed suicide. He was so depressed from the lockdowns that sadly, he took his own life.

“So this now is her annual event. Christmas time decorating at the cemetery and she does it to remember her friend and to spread love.

“Elaine also pointed out that she keeps the ribbon and baubles and will reuse them every year.”

“We chatted for a while and discovered that someone from my childhood is linked to her by blood. The thread – we are all connected.

“Have you seen a random act of kindness lately? Do you know an angel on Earth?” by @healing.e

Elaine is one of our beloved Humans in Geelong team members. Make sure you say hi if you see her untying her decorations. Photo: @healing.e