Dash Gym.

“My partner lives with a serious disability so our gym wanted to provide for her and members of the community in a similar situation. She was accessing a small exercise place before the pandemic struck and forced it to permanently close its doors, meaning a lot of its members went without a suitable place to maintain their health and fitness. So, we sprung into action, and created a gym for those identifying with a disability, our aged community and also members of our community who just feel uncomfortable accessing a regular gym or exercise facility.” We hear from Tony Rankin.

“Dash is a local family-owned gym and wellbeing center. Our mission is to provide a safe and inclusive exercise environment to members of our community of all abilities and ages.

“We completely supported local businesses throughout the center fitout and development process, from equipment suppliers to all tradespeople… it has all been locally supported. We had zero assistance from any local or federal governments or grants relying upon only ourselves to turn this dream into a reality.

“We are extremely community minded and have immense understanding and compassion for the demographic we are focussed on providing for. We are taking membership enquiries before we officially open at the start of February.”

https://www.dashgw.com.au/    Photos supplied.