Reconciliation in the Park 2022.

Reconciliation in the Park is a unique, Aboriginal community led event. Nikki McKenzie is programming this years’ event and she states, “Now is the time to make the commitment to making quality decisions and acting on them. 



Be brave and  


Reconciliation in the Park warmly welcomes everyone to this very special event with a unique opportunity to join together and learn through hands-on activities with local Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander community members.

It includes: free cultural activities, stalls, performances, music, a BBQ and more!

This year we have a possum skin cloak workshop – “embedding our culture further into Reconciliation in the Park”, Nikki adds.

Reconciliation in the Park is Sunday 22 May from 10am to 3pm in Johnstone Park, Geelong.

Photo shows Aunty Helen at last year’s event, by Vicky of Geelong One Fire.