Kim Lugg

We hope that in sharing these fascinating stories, we can help to reduce the stigma and taboo surrounding death & dying to assist our community in healing and preparing for one of life’s inevitable challenges. ‘Humans of Kings Funerals’ is a short series opening the door to locals who work in funeral services, their purpose, and their lives within our shared community. 

The world of the mortuary technician can seem mysterious and is easily misunderstood. In the first of our new six-part series, which will air once a month, we meet Kim Lugg, Mortuary Assistant at Kings Funerals. We explore the various tasks and responsibilities a mortuary worker has to take on when preparing a deceased person for their final journey and how she came to be in this role. 

“It’s a privilege to actually look after these people and make them beautiful again. People say, ‘Oh, you must be a special kind of person to be able to do that sort of thing.’ I just think that it’s something that I am honoured to do. I love what I do, to be told that at the end of the day, that someone’s loved one looks so much better than the last time they were seen – that to me is everything.” Kim Lugg, Geelong Local.