Megan Castran – the Jewelchic.

“I think there should be more colour and joy in the world. I’m primarily a jewellery designer but I’ve also been doing a lot of fun collaborations lately.” We hear from the vibrant, fun-loving Megan Castran, the @jewelchic. It’s no surprise that Megan embraced jewellery making, as her grandfather was Frank Duff, of Duffs Jewellers. You can’t help but admire how Megan exudes positive energy.

“Besides my jewellery, I have a knitwear line with Zaket and Plover, a homewares line with House, a shoe line with Paper Krane and compression socks for ATN. A percentage of the sales go to Olivia Newton John’s foundation to help find kinder cures and treatments for cancer using plant medicine. 

“I also enjoy social media and have interviewed a lot of celebrities on red carpets and backstage at musical theatre shows. I’ve even interviewed Oprah several times. However, I love connection with people from all walks of life- I love all the people in my Jewelchic tribe.”  Megan is refreshingly down-to-earth and sincere.

“I’ve always loved beads so jewellery making started because I wanted to create pieces for myself. I’m so glad that I can share them with others who like what I do. I love colour and used to work in the fashion industry so designing my collabs has come easily. Rainbows are my primary inspiration – I think we need more joy in the world and nothing brings more joy than colour.

“I think true happiness comes from the small stuff… I love noticing the beautiful things around me, all the time – sunsets, a smile, beautiful flowers, rainbows, roller skating and of course my family.

“I never intended to create a ‘brand’ – it all just happened organically.”

Megan was born in Geelong and grew up here. Megan enthusiastically adds, “and of course I’m still an avid Cats supporter.”

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