Samantha Voyle Hallihan.

We hope that in sharing these stories, we can help to reduce the stigma and taboo surrounding death & dying, to assist our community in healing, and preparing for one of life’s inevitable challenges. ‘Humans of Kings Funerals’ is a short series opening the door to locals who work in funeral service, their purpose, and their lives within our shared community.

In the second of our six-part series, we meet Sam Voyle Hallihan, one of the Prepaid Funeral Consultants at Kings Funerals. We explore what is involved in working with people who are pre-arranging a funeral and the meaning that Sam finds in her role. 

“I’ve been an artist, muralist and decorative painter for most of my life. And I really felt that I wanted to do something with people, something shere I could connect to people so I was actually helping.” Sam Voyle Hallihan – Torquay local.

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