Jam for Refugees.

“Jam for Refugees” in Geelong is a 10-hour concert, to benefit refugees in our area, this Saturday Oct 29th at St Paul’s in Latrobe Terrace from 11am-9pm. Entrance is by donation, and people are encouraged to “come when you can, leave when you must.” “Jam for Refugees” originated in Canberra where it ran for three successive years.

The “Jam” will consist of a series of 30-minute time slots featuring local musicians, groups, choirs and school groups. About every 2 hours there will be a short talk (5-10 minutes) by a prominent person, someone working with refugees, or a refugee. 

This year the Jam will be opened by well-known Geelong figure Keith Fagg and will be closed by Libby Coker. There’ll be a recorded message from distinguished author Hugh Mackay. Another speaker will be a refugee who will relate some of his experiences.

The aim is to raise both money and awareness to aid the plight of refugees, especially considering Australia’s record in the treatment of refugees, and the policies surrounding them. Recent events, especially Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, have only added to the refugee problem and the enormous suffering being experienced by so many people.

As the number of refugees worldwide increases daily, it’s time to take action. All funds raised at the “Jam” will be donated to CRAG (Combined Refugee Action Group of Geelong) for their much-needed legal fund.  Neither “Jam for Refugees” nor CRAG has any overheads, so you can be assured that every cent donated will go directly to assist refugees.

Humans in Geelong care and take action.