Strength and Grace.

Would you like to find out more about some of Geelong’s inspiring leading ladies? Strength and Grace is a free play that’s on this Sunday and everyone is welcome. Presented and narrated by historian Colin Mockett, the play tells the stories of significant women in our city and the region’s past through narration, images and song.

The stories range from temperance society members and suffragettes through to prominent women like Mary De Garis, Elizabeth Austin and Fanny Brownbill.  From more recent times we have Patricia Heath, Lindsay Sharp and Rebecca Cody, current principal Geelong Grammar.

Sometimes incorporating music from the times, the elected women are played in costume by singer/actor/ musicians Shirley Power, Jocelyn Mackay and Reyna Hudgell.

The show, in two 45-minute acts, traces women’s progress in Geelong since the beginning of European settlement. This has moved from no rights at all – women were seen as possessions owned by their husbands in the 1830s when the town of Geelong was established – to today’s status of aiming for gender equality.

Our presentation explains that progress through the words of the women themselves.  This informative, intriguing and entertaining play would appeal to a wide cross-section of Geelong residents, most especially female and seniors, who would remember many of the people depicted in their lifetimes.

It’s a free event, this Sunday 4 December 3.00 – 5.00pm at Geelong West Neighbourhood House (in West Park), 89 Autumn St, Geelong West.

Please book at or ph 0427 703 218

Thank you to City of Greater Geelong for providing funding for the play through its Positive Ageing Grant.