The magic of icy cold ocean water.

The magic of icy cold ocean water. There was a time when I wondered why people went in the ocean even in the middle of winter’s freezing cold weather, and they just keep on going. No longer do I wonder, because I’ve become addicted to it myself.

Early this year I was asked if I would I like to go swimming one morning a week at 6:30 a.m. The lady, Rhonda, has now become a friend and she is an experienced paddle board rider. Rhonda is also very aware of the dangers out there and it is essential for safety to have company.

It is very hard to tell people why you are doing this. Most people think you are crazy, this is not true. The ocean Is always a mystery. One cannot predict what will be there for you on arriving. The early morning people who have loved the ocean for a long time know how to read the ocean and what is about to happen. A beginner just like me, can never guess what the waves and under tow are doing, you just accept what is happening.

No longer am I dubious and noisy entering the water, I just enjoy it incredibly. Going in the icy cold water has many health benefits, it’s hard to explain them all, but I’m going to say the most important one, is being out there in the big wide ocean with giant waves, well, it certainly washes away all your worries.

Your senses are heightened and you become very alert, switched on, ready for whatever the ocean might bring to you. After your time in the water, you gain an extra boost of energy. That day you will tackle jobs in the too hard basket.

Often there is a magic mesmerising feeling that you can’t explain, and when you become used to it, then you are addicted to the water in its primitive raw power state. It is there for you to enjoy and appreciate.

For me, the most precious time is being in the water and gazing at the sunrise; we do have many magnificent sunrises. Sometimes, you can have a calm, grey, misty day that surrounds you in an amazing ambience. We can’t pay for all these delights. It’s free.

Visiting the ocean is always a mystery and an experience words cannot truly describe.

I do know that I gain many mental health benefits from it, so I encourage you to have a go and try it, don’t be afraid, yes it will be icy cold, you will have many descriptions, like: increased energy, feeling alive, enjoying a new pleasure in a hot shower after and the extra appreciation of your breakfast.

You will have a positive attitude day. My early morning outing also gives me pleasure in saying hello, or good morning to many like-minded people who maintain their health from the sight and sound of the ocean. Some dogs get to know you and they also enjoy a friendly greeting. You will also understand why sports people have ice baths. Believe me, if you started out with aches and pains you will find they disappear.

Story: Elaine Janes. Photo: Phil Hines.