Explore – Excite – Experience. Is a beautiful new playgroup that will gather at Rippleside Park to explore nature, foster strong connections to each other and the land we gather upon. The sessions are predominantly child-led. Parents are encouraged to follow their child’s lead, enjoy the freedom of unstructured nature-based play and to have fun!

“We hope to bring so much joy and child-based learning to Geelong families by learning through play and forging strong connections with nature.”

“Open-ended play encourages children to think critically, reason and self-regulate. It ignites imagination and creativity, and provides a calming way to help process emotions. It helps children develop independence and build leadership skills. It promotes cognitive flexibility and social awareness.”

Bookings are now open, so please get in touch. We’ll meet from Thursday 9th February from 10-11.30 at Rippleside Park. Insta: @explore.excite.experience or Facebook @EEE or email koerntjesc@gmail.com Please share.