Friend in Me Fun Day.

Louise is a loving wife and devoted mother of three girls (Giselle, Florence and Annabelle) and in April 2023, will be adding a baby boy into the Larkin clan. She and her team at Friend in Me are planning the first, all-inclusive Geelong Family Fun Day. When Louise learnt back in 2016, that children were missing out on going to parties her heart broke and she knew she had to make a change so Friend In Me was born.

Be part of the fun from 11am-2pm at Geelong Racecourse, 99 Breakwater Road, Breakwater on Saturday 25th February.

Louise’s professional career began in hospitality and events at Crown Melbourne and she has never looked back.

When she was on maternity leave with her daughter Giselle she started a mums support group ‘West Assured Mums’ to help mothers on the journey of parenthood through trust, kindness and friendship.

Louise loves nothing else than seeing other people smile, especially our children.

Louise is committed to breaking the stigma of any child left behind and feeling lonely.

For most of us, childhood is a collection of our life’s most precious moments. It should be a time when we are worry free and our days filled with endless fun, games, and laughter.

Sadly, hundreds of kids don’t get this opportunity to make these lifelong, cherished memories as they appear ‘different’ and are excluded.

ONE in SIX Australian children experience social exclusion.

The physical, emotional, and mental effects of this can be lifelong. It can affect children’s sleep, educational achievements, behaviour and cause depression and anxiety.

Children become aware of their social rejection from around the age of eight.

Friend In Me is a charity that is on a crusade to break the cycle of exclusion and prevent the negative effects in childhood and adulthood.

‘We want to reduce the feelings of loneliness and isolation that children can experience by bringing families together to meet, share, laugh and connect with each other,” shares Friend in Me Founder, Louise Larkin.

Friend in Me’s goal is to have reached 5,000 families by 2025. By 2030 Friend In Me wants to make sure that no child is left behind.

Friend In Me has partnered with Bendigo Community Bank, The Bisnella Group and a number of local businesses to break the stigma of any child left behind and feeling lonely with their first, all-inclusive Geelong Family Fun Day.