Atmospheric Lab.

Sandpit and Geelong Gallery work together to create a unique and personal immersion based on the work of beloved Australian artist Clarice Beckett.

Opening on 1 April, Geelong Gallery presents its next major ticketed exhibition: Clarice Beckett—Atmosphere, to be shown exclusively in Geelong. This much anticipated exhibition will include rarely seen works from private collectors displaying over 60 exquisite paintings dating from 1919 to the early 1930s.

Experience design studio Sandpit have worked with Geelong Gallery to create a unique interpretation of the artist’s modernist style. Visitors will enter the Atmospheric Lab, an immersive environment which connects Clarice Beckett’s tonal style to a location that is meaningful to the visitor.

Atmospheric Lab is a room surrounded by three large wall projections. In the middle of the room a table with a tablet will invite individuals to enter the location of a place that holds meaning to them: this could be the street they grew up on; the location of a first date, or somewhere of meaning to their family. Photographic street view imagery of the chosen location will then project across the three walls and simultaneously blend the image in a style similar to Clarice Beckett’s characteristic soft-focus, immersing the visitor in their own personalised artwork.

Sandpit co-founder Dan Koerner said, ‘It is such a privilege to work with Geelong Gallery on extending the visitor experience for Clarice Beckett enthusiasts. Bringing stories to life and creating meaningful experiences is always at the heart of what we do here at Sandpit. With Atmospheric Lab we’re offering visitors a personal encounter with one of Australia’s greatest female artists, which is bound to stir up some emotions and provide a memorable experience.’

Photos: 1. Hails & Shine. 2. Geelong Gallery Filter by Sandpit.