Conversations Save Lives.

‘Conversations really save lives.’ After years of activism, this is the conclusion that Adria Ballester of Barcelona in Spain, has come to. He has been conducting @thefreeconversationsmovement in the centre of Barcelona since 2017. In his video, that he made for our Humans in Geelong Online Expo 2020, he talks about a conversation he had with a concentration camp survivor.

Watch this on our @humansingeelong YouTube along with the other 120 diverse, inspiring, informative videos that were created or submitted as part of our Online Expo. Please share.

You can follow Adri on Instagram @freeconversations

Staying Geelong Strong, Geelong Cats

Exciting announcement – Tom Hawkins of the Geelong Cats and The Geelong Football Club have created a video entitled ‘Staying Geelong Strong’ for the Humans in Geelong Online Expo 2020 featuring the many ways they support community.

We also have videos from Chloe Hayden @princessaspien, Nasir Sobhani @thestreetsbarber, Peter Roberts music, @breatheablueocean, Adria @freeconversations Barcelona, the Humans in Geelong team and many other amazing musicians, artists, changemakers and community groups. There are over 100 informative and inspirational videos, a brilliant resource for our region, for schools and the community.

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Prop Maker, Chris Bennett.

“I was the definition of a giraffe on roller skates, but I had a blast and it confirmed in my mind that this place filled with oddballs (myself included) was the place I needed to be.”

Meet Chris Bennett, Chemical Engineering graduate turned designer for the arts, pursuing a career in doing what he loves, right here in Geelong.

“I would describe myself as a maker, designer and all-round nerd. I got my start by making props for the musical theatre industry until COVID-19 arrived and a majority of arts were put on hold.  Some of my favourite projects include a giant sausage and pretzel hat for the musical The Producers, 3D printed fixtures for antique windows and a large LED light sculpture for the Geelong Youth Choir (which unfortunately was unable to be realised due to the event being cancelled).”

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Superhero Competition.

Superhero Competition – ‘What is a Dad?’ This entry to this year’s Superhero Competition comes from Isabella of Grade 5 at East Geelong Primary. We thought it very fitting to share ‘What is a Dad?’ on Father’s Day.

Kids, you have two more weeks to get your entries in. This fun, creative competition lets you choose your medium:

  • you might write up to 150 words as a poem, story, song etc
  • send in a picture
  • Use photos or
  • a short 90 second video

Entries close Friday Sept 18th. There are heaps of great prizes to be won and the winners will be announced at the Humans in Geelong Online Expo 2020, Sunday October 11th. This exciting, fun competition, where you submit an entry about your local Superhero, is brought to you by @humansingeelong and @bethany

To find out more and send in your entry, go to

Register for the free, fun Humans in Geelong Online Expo 2020 at

Something for everyone, family friendly.

Artwork: Ellie in Grade 4 at Fyans Park, Olivia in Grade 3 at Bellaire, Zahli in Grade 3 at Bellaire and Finn in Grade 3 at Inverleigh Primary.

Student Writing Competition 2020.

The @humansingeelong student writing competition opens tomorrow. Primary school-aged children in the Greater Geelong Region and Warrnambool are invited to draw a picture, write a story or a poem, send photos or make a video about why that person deserves to be recognised as a Superhero.

This year we’ve teamed up with our friends at #bethanygeelong @BethanyGroup There will be lots of fun prizes and all entrants will be invited to the virtual awards ceremony at the Humans in Geelong Online Expo to be held on Sunday October 11th.

Student writing comp 2020.docx (2)

The competition will unearth and celebrate local, unsung heroes with the following aims:

  • To educate children on the importance of respectful, caring relationships and how to identify positive role models in their lives
  • To celebrate positive role models for children and acknowledge people whose everyday actions enrich the lives of children and empower them to be their best

Nominations will be open from Monday 17 August to Friday 18th September 2020.

For more information on the competition, to download resources or to make a nomination click here

Please share – have fun kids!

Humans in Geelong INSPIRE – CONNECT – STRENGTHEN Community.

Photo supplied.

Humans in Geelong Online Expo 2020.

Be blown away by all the amazing, creative locals in our community who are making a difference. The Humans in Geelong Online Expo 2020, Premieres on our YouTube on Sunday October 11th. It will be our region’s uplifting start to Mental Health Month 2020.

Register for this fun, free event at

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We are inviting everyone whose story we have shared to participate. The clips will be short, snappy, fun and informative. They will remain available to watch anytime and will reach a wide audience. @humansingeelong have a large reach in our region, throughout Australia and over 43 countries.

Humans in Geelong INSPIRE – CONNECT – STRENGTHEN Community. Get in touch if you’d like to be part of this exciting project.

Mental Health First Aid.

We can highly recommend the Mental Health First Aid Course. In fact, I believe it should be a course everyone undertakes. Eight of our @humansingeelong team members had the generous opportunity to complete this course recently.

MHFA Kim & Jacqui

Take aways included:

– Mental Health issues are very common. 1 in 4 people will experience some symptoms of a  MH issue  in a 12 month period and more than a third are not receiving any help for this.

– it is the third highest disease burden in Australia. Cancer and Cardiovascular diseases being No 1 and 2.

-keep an eye on friends you are worried about. Has their behaviour changed?

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Friend in Me, Louise.

After watching her dad struggling with mental health, all her life, and then finally losing him to suicide due to his mental health issues, Louise wanted to make a positive change for children so they didn’t suffer as her dad did. I met with the bubbly, dedicated, Louise Larkin of ‘Friend in Me’ to hear her inspirational story.

Friend in Me

“I’ve always been a positive change maker and I have an immense passion to make a difference in the world.

“Three years ago, whilst driving to work, I heard a devastated mum call up the local radio station, saddened that her little boy had never been invited to a party before.  I was so moved, that was the day, Friend in Me was born. That year, in 2017, I put on a huge successful event for children who had never been invited to a party before. You should have seen the joy on their faces and their parents. We aim to create a socially inclusive world where no child is left behind.

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The Chook Lady, Elaine.

“They are my family – I have no one else. They all have their own personalities, give them the opportunity, they are very clever. They love photo shoots, learning fun things and going on any outing. Tuesday mornings, for 8am, we all go to Point Lonsdale. They receive endless comments on their best behaviour and people often ask why I do it. ‘It’s good for everyone’s Mental Health, is my reply.’” Hadeel and I had the pleasure of spending a scintillating morning with Elaine Janes, the chook lady, which included a tour of the Hilton Henhouse.

Chook lady 1

“During isolation, two chooks have mastered skateboard riding. Jekyll loves balancing on a medicine ball while being lifted overhead as Elaine performs straight leg situps.

“Flapper is the No 1 Madonna and she owns the car front seat, sitting in her own cane basket with a knitted blanket. If it is chilly, the heated seat is a must. She is always ready to go anywhere, no fussing around getting ready as girls do. She was picked up from the street over eight years ago, lives the best life ever, and has lots more interesting things to look forward to. Her can follow her and friends @elainejanes16 on Instagram.

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International Mangroves Day.

‘Mangroves from the Water’ is a group multimedia art exhibition that would have been opening today, in Geelong, to celebrate Mangroves Day which is 26th of July,  Due to the coronavirus pandemic the exhibition has been postponed to the 26th July, 2021.

Mangrove Day_MangrovesFromtheWater20 (002)

In celebration of the upcoming Mangroves Day exhibition, ‘Mangroves from the Water’ commissioned International Artist, Stephanie Neville, to design the poster. In collaboration, the Mangroves Fosters Community, Ocean Tree Studio (Maya Greven) in Florida designed a poster for the International Day for the Conservation of the Mangrove Ecosystem.

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