Jann Brearley, Kalkee Oppe Shoppe

‘’It took me 8 years to leave my first husband even though I was in a violent relationship. In those days you just didn’t leave. I then spent years on a single mother’s pension. That’s one of the reasons I love volunteering, I feel I’m giving back.” .
Today we hear from Jann Brearley, Voluntary Manager of Kalkee Korner Oppe Shoppe, Roslyn Rd. Belmont.


We’ve got a team of 25 volunteers working here. There are two Op shops, the Korner one and the other has more collectables but they’re very reasonably priced. We only sell good quality items.
I’ve been here for eight years, managing for six. I do it because it is lots of fun and something to get up for. I believe in treating people with respect and the’ love vibration’, meaning what you put out there you get back. I practise daily mediation for peace of mind and to keep me balanced.

It’s very rewarding at the end of each year when we spend what we’ve made on the four causes we support, Nangatta Dementia Group, Murray House for the Frail Aged, Kalkee Independent Units and Costa Court Serviced Apartments.

Our big purchase for Nangatta last year was a 12 seater bus worth almost $90,000. One of the residents drew the ‘thank you’ sign pictured here. We’ve also funded their Sensory Garden. The money always goes to something for the group that they can’t otherwise fund, it’s not used for administration or maintenance.

Another time we got ipods for all the wards and loaded them with uplifting music. For example, if it was for a Greek lady, we’d upload music from Greece. Things like that make such a big difference.
We’re always looking for volunteers, we need drivers, sorters, salespeople. Also come in and shop, we have lots of people shopping for all sorts of reasons. I’ve been told it’s a great place to find good things to fill Christmas stockings.
Jann has 4 children and 15 grandchildren.

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