Nathaniel Blyth

He battled dark times but has come out of it on top. Now he wants to help others do the same. We talk to Nathaniel Blyth from the PLC Geelong health club about his goal to tackle obesity and other social issues through health and nutrition.
What is your mission?

I was once the fat kid in school and I also went through a very dark time in my life with drugs. Now I’m on a mission to combat obesity, mental illness & our region’s rising drug problem. After beating these myself, I hate seeing others suffering from them.
I believe I have the short cuts to a healthy future and that’s my gift to the world. Giving people solutions to their own problems is the key.

What activities are you involved in?

At my PLC Geelong health club in Moolap we work with everyone from overweight individuals to people just wanting to get fit and healthy.
We also run a ‘Mums n Bubs’ program at a reduced price so that it’s more accessible to Mums. If I can teach them to be healthy and pass that onto their children, I’m one happy dude.
I also donate my time to the Swanston Centre (a 32 bed acute psychiatric admission unit providing recovery orientated care delivery for people aged 16 and over, experiencing the effects of major mental illness/distress).

What’s your message for the people of Geelong?

My message is simple. Good health and nutrition are starting points to becoming the best version of yourself. Everyone can be fit and healthy, it’s just the choices you make. Choosing to be healthy is the best decision you’ll ever make.

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