Ruby’s story, Mission India

(2/2) Ruby’s Story. Ruby grew up in India in the time of English rule, born to English parents. Her family lived a life of luxury. They had an enormous home that looked like a palace surrounded by plush, immaculate gardens. She was the youngest of 6 children. Being of a Catholic family she accepted that one of them was promised to God and that was her.

When India gained independence in 1947, Ruby and her family fled back to England but couldn’t take their wealth with them. They moved into a small terrace house, the children had to sleep 3-4 to a room. They had very little.


At 16 years old she was told by her father that it was time to meet the nuns at the convent. She went in good faith but was pushed through the door which was locked behind her. She had no possession, she realised she would never love or have children. Feeling betrayed and bullied by her father, into doing something she was not yet ready to do, Ruby was ready to fight for her freedom.

A few weeks later she managed to convince the Mother Superior to let her return to her family to celebrate her 17th Birthday. After that, she refused to return to the Nunnery. She stood up to her enraged. authoritarian father and that just goes to show Ruby’s strong character.

It was a little while later that she met Grant. He came to visit as he was a friend of her brother. Ruby took an instant dislike to this arrogant, spoilt, only child. He demanded something to drink. ‘Tea or coffee’ offered Ruby. ‘Mummy only gives me cocoa’, replied Grant. But Ruby and her poor family didn’t have cocoa. When he demanded a sandwich, there was only cheese and onion to use as a filling.

But as time went by Ruby grew to love Grant and they found they complemented each other. They married, moved to Australia and have enjoyed a rewarding life together in Geelong with Mission India becoming their passion. Ruby has been told her cancer is inoperable and now at the end their journey through life, Ruby and Grant would like to find someone with a passion for India and giving back. Someone to carry forward the legacy of Mission India. If you are interested, call Grant and Ruby on (03) 5229 2165.