We All Rotate, Nepal, Steve

(2/2) ‘At present We All Rotate is sponsoring 8-10 children in the village right at the epicentre of the 2015 earthquake in Nepal, providing educational expenses. Sometimes we support their families with recourse for securing jobs and rent. On the next trip in October I hope to identify up to 50 more children and families from remote areas close to the epicentre, again focusing on education, resources, clean water, vocational training etc.


Just consider that since the earthquake an estimated 15,000 children have been trafficked. Their families get tricked. Someone tells them they can place the kids in hostels in Kathmandu where they will attend school, then they are trafficked away.

We are also helping by providing ‘Dignity packs’. I’ll be taking 450 of them with me on my next trip in October. Here in Geelong we have about 30-40 women making these packs that are made up of a flannel, underwear, soap and reusable panty liners. Cotton On donated the underwear. This saves the Nepalese women from having to use corn husks or old mattress stuffing. Menstruation is still a taboo subject over there- without our packs girls would be staying away from school. I have two young Nepalese girls who demonstrate how to use them to the others. The taboo is slowly breaking down as the men and boys stand around when the girls demonstrate. It sure beats a white guy turning up and doing it, although I have had to demonstrate to customs before so they’d let me through!

Another initiative was in collaboration with a South African artist who visited for three months. We ran workshops with the school kids and local artists. The art therapy was invaluable in itself, but the vision was to bring this artwork back to Geelong where we could sell it to raise more funds. This is an ongoing process. 100% of all takings will go back into the cause, no-one is getting commission. I am looking for somewhere to exhibit these paintings. I have another vision to bring teachers from that area of Nepal to Geelong to experience our education system, because education is a key.

Of course identifying those that need our support is one thing, the following step is having people here in Australia willing to support these families.

I feel my cause www.facebook.com/weallrotate/ is still in its infancy, still finding its place, but sponsors can rest assured the funds are reaching those in need.