Spare Meals Geelong, Tina

‘If you’ve gone to your fridge or cupboard and haven’t got enough food to put a meal on the table for your family that night, we can help out, judgement-free.’ We’re talking to Tina Taylor, Founder of Spare Meals Geelong, an emergency food relief program for low to no-income families.
‘I’d been home for a few months after having a baby and was looking for a project. After scrolling through a Facebook group I had noticed a woman offering up a tub of fried rice. At this stage there were no food sharing pages. So I suggested there should be, I started a Facebook page “Spare Meals Geelong’ and encouraged people to join, including the woman who had originally offered up the tub of rice.


If you have cooked too much food, cleaned out your pantry or have overloaded fruit trees, you can offer what you have spare to someone in need. It is an attempt to bring back some community awareness and the ‘watch out for your mate’ mentality that Australia has been built on.
Helping people moves me, but if I am truly honest it’s the people behind the scenes that really move me- the small local businesses and other organisations that are willing to help us do what we do. We had a small business get involved only one month after we first started and they are still with us today. For someone to take a punt on a Facebook Group and to still be dedicated for so long, moves me. The helpers that are on board are the best bunch of ladies I could ever ask for, they bust their butts day-in and day-out making sure the Group runs smoothly. I had to move interstate 6 months after starting the Group and I was heartbroken as I loved everything about it. Kristy came on board, followed by Carin and then Faith. I could not have asked for better team they are all a godsend. They move me the most.’