Offspring, India, Kristi

‘Each story is different but each also has similarities – being lied to, mistreated and forced to do things that I would never want to see happen to anyone!’ We hear from Kristi, a former Sacred Heart student and Christian College teacher, who relocated to India to found Offspring, a not-for-profit organisation working with young women rescued from sex trafficking.

‘The magnitude of sex trafficking in India is huge and what these girls go through is horrific. We see women and children who have been bought, sold, traded and stripped of the most basic of human rights. We see them abused and treated as a commodity, rather than a dignified human being; someone’s daughter (their “offspring”), sister and friend. We see young women who need our help urgently.


That is what inspired me to do something about it. Offspring wants to be part of their transition from rescue to recovery because this can still be a very vulnerable part of their journey.

Our response is to provide a holistic approach to caring for each young woman once they have been rescued. Our focus is on four key areas: employment (vocational training), education, empowerment and a safe place to live (community hubs). We see these young women instilled with hope for the future; equipped, educated and confident in their value as precious individuals.

Something that any not-for-profit needs to continue their work, is people coming on board financially. We also like to run events to help raise awareness about human trafficking so if you see something pop up on our social media pages ‘Offspring Project’, we would encourage you to join us and bring others along so that TOGETHER we help fight against trafficking and the mistreatment of people.’