3214 Faces & Places, Brandon

‘We aim to re-frame the perception of the Northern Suburbs, and influence what other social media users do. Instead of just seeing negative stories about the area all the time, we’re using our own social media network to share and show a different side: the one we all know.’


We’re talking to Brandon Dellow, the man behind the ‘3214 Faces and Places’ Facebook page. He only graduated from Northern Bay College P-12 (NBC) in 2015 and is now employed in NBC’s Education Support department, including acting as Media and Reporting Coordinator for the Northern Bay Promise Project.

‘The page was initially created as part of the Northern Bay Promise Project, which is a guarantee that students who graduate from Northern Bay College (NBC) leave with either an enrolment in tertiary study, full time employment or an apprenticeship/traineeship.

‘3214 Faces & Places celebrates the people and places of Norlane/Corio. We collect real stories from real people and share the good news with the world.

‘Working on this page, as well as working within NBC P-12 exposes me to many members of the community, each with their own unique voice and story. I graduated as VCE Dux of 2015 and now I want to give back by forming relations and creating networks within the college and our community. Bringing this into my job as a Community Engagement Officer at NBC really is special. I maintain relationships with students who have graduated and use their feedback to help NBC improve transitions.

‘I see myself as a photographer who focuses on the raw, intimidating emotions of mental health to create discussion about topics that are not openly talked about (for example, adolescent depression and isolation), which leads into why I am so passionate about youth psychological well-being. I also have a dedication for ensuring equality within the community. I have a working relationship with the EAL (English as an Additional Language) teachers and EAL students offering extra support and one-on-one study groups to ensure they are learning effectively and efficiently.

‘I have always been interested in working within the education profession, I plan to professionally develop my skills further by making lasting connections with the community and local organisations to work together to help the wider 3214 area. In the words of Nelson Mandela, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

‘A funny moment was when I was working at a junior campus at NBC one day, and I was engaging in conversation with the Year 3 – 5s. A Year 1 approached me and asked if I was famous. He said this because there were lots of people surrounding me wanting to talk to me about their opinions on school as I was gathering some quantitative data. He thought I was a celebrity because there were so many people surrounding me. It was very amusing to see the innocence of a young Year 1 boy.

‘Besides running the 3214 Faces and Places www.facebook.com/3214-Faces-Places-431442220338861/ page and working at NBC, on Fridays I volunteer at The fOrT Youth Centre.’