Bonejangless, Angie

Very few people are able to say that they are not only following their dreams but meeting people with inspirational and renowned positions as they do so. Angie, however, is one of those people. Through her spectacular art she has been given the opportunity to meet multiple celebrities and share her abilities with them. Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Matt Cohen and Tim Omundson (shown here) to name a few.

Tim Omundson (002)

Her artwork – that is realistic in appearance beyond belief – has resulted in her always having a place to lay her head, no matter where it is that she goes. With a friendly demeanour, she can travel to plenty of different countries and still save money on accommodation while catching up with people who had previously only ever been behind a screen.

Not only has she been able to make and meet a variety of different people from all over the world, she has also been lucky enough to meet many different celebrities.

With much of her art being drawings that could pass as black-and-white photographs, she has attended multiple conventions over the years to share her art with the subjects that are within them. And it’s no surprise that the majority of these celebrities are more than amazed with what they see, leaving Angie with a folio full of artwork signed by the stars she has drawn.

However, making a living out of artwork isn’t an easy task, and for the first few years when Angie decided to open the option for people to commission her back in 2012, they were slow in coming. However, she is a true inspiration in just keeping at it and trusting that the money and acknowledgement will come her way if she persists.

Before long she was receiving commission after commission and is now backed up to the point where there is essentially a waiting list for anyone who wants some of her amazing work.

Unfortunately, her artwork isn’t able to be her sole source of income at present. So, she is working another job with hours that allow her plenty of time to pursue her true passion. Although her artwork is currently not her only source of income, that is what she is aiming to achieve hopefully in the very near future.

As many artists would be able to understand, the jump into solely relying on one’s artwork for the money you live on, is a scary one. There is no certainty that one will have enough money as one continues through the career. As such, it is no surprise that Angie is working hard to guarantee herself a steady and reliable client base.

Angie 2

No matter how long it takes her to take the leap, it’s almost certain that Angie will continue to create amazing pieces that lead her to even more amazing places around the world, meeting equally amazing people.

If you would like to see Angie’s work for yourself, you can find her at: Instagram: @bonejangless Twitter: @bonejangless Facebook: @bonejangless We wish this young, gorgeous, enthusiastic girl all the best.

Written by Gemma Nicholls. Photo of Angie, by Phil Hines Photography

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