EATSS, Phoebe & Donna

Eat and They Shall Sleep, or more fondly known as EATSS was established in 2014 and is the brainchild of Donna Lindsay and Phoebe Wilkens. Phoebe tells us ‘We are best friends and wanted to start something together, yet we work in completely different fields – Donna is an Exercise Physiologist and runs a successful business and Phoebe is an historian and runs her own small research business – so finding a cohesive project was going to be somewhat challenging. EATSS brings together the integral need to nourish our bodies with nutritious food and the basic human right of a safe night’s sleep. Therefore, we sell a range of protein balls which have been created by Donna (and rolled by us both!) and for every 20 we sell we are able to purchase a mattress and/or sleeping equipment for an underprivileged child in Thailand.


‘We had travelled to Thailand a few times and had noticed that behind the smiles of the beautiful people of Thailand, who had always been so kind and accommodating, there was a heartbreaking level of poverty.  Sometimes you would see three or four children returning home to sleep on a thin mattress no larger than a single bed.

‘We don’t make a profit from EATSS, we receive no money or wages from the sales of our balls. Our trips back to Thailand are all self-funded.  All the money we make from protein balls goes towards donating goods (minus ingredients’ costs) to the causes close to our hearts. The range of protein balls created and handmade by Donna has been developed with optimum health and nutrition in mind. Using well sourced and wholesome ingredients, Donna has produced a variety of delicious protein balls which are all vegan and free from gluten, dairy and refined sugar.

‘On recent trips back to Thailand we have been fortunate enough to make a connection with the Phuket Special Education School which looks after 45-50 students between the ages of 4 and 16 years who have a range of disabilities and received little or no government assistance. We have been able to donate hospital beds, pillows and bedding as well as food, play equipment, toys and learning equipment. With that we have been able to change the lives of children and seen their smiles light up a room.

‘For the second donation, we were lucky enough to have enough money to be able to buy presents – toys, books, pencils, teddies – as Christmas gifts for all the children, many of whom would not be experiencing a Christmas like we have been lucky enough to. There were definitely lots of tears shed!

‘We have also been able to donate closer to home with donations to local Geelong charities which assist children and women in financial hardship and fleeing domestic violence, and assisting the Give Where You Live foundation.

‘We would like to say ‘thank you’ for all the support thus far. With your purchases we are able to continue to donate to those in need. Currently available at @King of the Castle Café or online we are continually looking for more local stockists for our protein balls and are always happy to take donations. And if you are keen on stocking our products, or purchasing some for yourselves to eat, please get in contact so we can continue to help these beautiful kids who might not otherwise have a comfortable nights’ sleep or be able to find the joy in receiving something just for them and only them!

‘Have a look at our website for more info and to order balls’ –

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