Decluttering, Marion

There is help out there if you are living in a cluttered environment. I was interested to hear that Aged Care providers might suggest the service of a Professional Organiser to our aging population as part of their home care packages. We hear from Belmont’s Marion about some of the experiences she shares with those she is passionate about helping.


‘Helping others, particularly our aged population in this way, has been a real eye opener. I’ve walked into places where the kitchen benches and stove are covered with packaged food, rubbish, and dirty dishes. Scenes like this are unhygienic and may present as a fire hazard for the client however, I know not to be judgemental, I’m there to help. You find everyone has a story. It is such an amazing journey as each person and situation is different.

‘One client had kept every present she had ever been given. Letting go is difficult for some people so I will ask questions like, ‘have you used the item, is it likely you will use the item or have you got someone for this to go to? If they are ready to let it go, then I’d ask if they’d like it taken to the Op Shop. I never pressure anyone, they have to be ready and make the decision themselves. I’m meticulous at taking photos and notes of what I do, that way, the client can have a record of before and after and see how far they have come.

‘I’m passionate about helping the elderly. It’s all about the relationships. I spend a lot of time gaining peoples’ trust and making sure they feel very safe. Just the other day I rejoiced when I made a new client (who had been quite prickly) laugh. If they aren’t ready to part with something, we talk about rethinking the situation in a year’s time. Part of what I do is instilling the skills to rethink and let go. They are given the chance to get on with things.

‘During decluttering sessions, I can tell when my client has had enough so I often leave them homework and it more often than not, gets done. They see the benefits and the weight of their clutter lifting.

‘I find a calmness in working with people and helping others. I was brought up to care by my parents and loved spending time with my grandparents so I feel like I’m offering realistic, humanitarian support. I often think of my own parents and I would have wanted someone to help them out. My two children, who are 21 and 18, tell me they’re proud of me, I know I am setting a good example.

‘I’ve never been surrounded by a lot of stuff. Peter Walsh, a celebrity Professional Organiser, who has been featured by Oprah and the Living Room, inspired me down this path. I have completed training with other organisers and associate myself with other professional organisers who do the same as me. I’m a firm believer in letting life lead you to where you are needed. It’s been 2 years and I know I have changed the lives of the clients I have helped but it’s still only early days into my journey.’

Interview by Jacqui Bennett Photo: Phil Hines Photography

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