Busking for a Change, Jeff

‘Seeing the look on their faces, their smiles, changed me forever.’ We are talking to Jeffrey Jordan who, with Erick Dela Paz (EDP) are running the ‘Busking for a Change Christmas Project’ event on Sunday Dec. 10th 2pm – 1am at Beav’s Bar, for its 2nd year. There will be over 20 artists performing all donating their time and Jeff can’t thank them enough. There will be a sausage sizzle, drinks, raffle, giveaways and the weekly Sunday disco to dance the night away. Absolutely everyone; families, young and old, are invited. Entry of $10 goes directly towards making hampers as Christmas gifts filled with everyday essentials helping the homeless in Geelong and Melbourne. Party goers are welcome to bring along wrapped gifts to go into the hampers for the homeless.

Jeff Jordan

‘Music is my passion and all along I was determined to make a living out of it. I play at weddings and corporate events. Having a faithful Catholic Mum and a big-hearted Grandma, who both gave back so much to the community, made me want to do the same. September last year I asked my best friend Eric if he’d join me in Melbourne to make a video of us helping the homeless. I met a guy who was about 25 and homeless because his family kicked him out for being gay. He had a terrible toothache on the day. With only my acoustic and voice I said I’d like to busk for him to help. I had a sign saying ‘Busking for this legend’. People began to give money with a big smiles. You should have seen his face! It was like his pain was gone, he was loving the music that much he began to move along to it. This is when I realised, I wasn’t just to follow my passion for music to make a living – I needed to follow my passion for music to make a difference!

‘Busking for a Change was held last year for the first time and we raised over $1,600. This money went 100% directly into purchasing hampers that were distributed to the homeless. In total we made 12. You should have seen us, Eric and I rode our skateboards as we handed out the hampers to the homeless. They were so rapt. We sat around pulling Christmas crackers together.

‘This year we want to raise even more, $2,000 is our aim. We’d love people to come help wrap and hand out presents with us. Our plan is to go overseas one day and do the same for the homeless there. I feel thankful for who I am and what I’ve got. The homeless don’t ask to be in that situation. They have feelings just like us. I always think, ‘how would I like to be treated, what would I like to hear’. I treat them like I would my own family.

‘I’m Catholic Filipino-Australian brought up in Norlane. I believe music is the best way to connect hearts, that music can change the world more than you think. I had one dream, to be the best musician I can. Now after that day in Melbourne, my second dream is Busking for the homeless – I want to make a difference with my music. I feel that if I had given up music, I could have very easily gone down the same path as the homeless I meet.

‘Come along to Beav’s Bar on Sunday Dec 10th. Write a sticky note to go in their cards. Have your photo taken, they’ll be given to the homeless so they know we care.

First busking for a change video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=letmsJHg9II&t=45s

Last year’s busking for a change Christmas project 2016 https://www.facebook.com/jeffreyjordanmusic/videos/1728451017465764/

Story: Jacqui Bennett, Photo: Phil Hines Photography