A Night with Tim McCallum

Geelong’s own Tim McCallum with be performing at the Pier on Friday 9th of February at 8pm. He will be accompanied by Mark Irwin and the Geelong Concert Band. They will play the first public hearing of Damian Austin’s song ‘City by the Bay’. It is a fundraiser for the worthy cause, the Sanctuary Counselling Centre. We caught up with Tim.

Tim McCallum

‘It’s One night only and it’ll be your chance to hear this amazing song for the first time. It will be a really special night, we’re doing it for a good cause, everyone is going to have a great night and help lots of others as a result of it. It’s an event not to be missed.

‘I love performing with Mark, he’s been a mentor of mine for years. He taught me so much about music and the appreciation of music. When I was 18 he was the musical director of the West Side story. Rhythm is one thing I’d always struggled with and he drummed rhythm into me. He always puts on a great show. There will be a diverse range of songs from Jazz, Classical, Musical Theatre and upbeat soul Big Band sounds.

‘I’m very excited. It started off as an idea when Damian Austin got in touch about the song he wrote about Geelong ‘City by the Bay’, it had been a project in the making for a year or so. It was fully composed and arranged by Mark Erwin conductor of the Geelong Concert Band.  Gillian Costa (General Manager) and her husband Darren (Director) of the Pier Geelong consortium heard it at a small preview and instantly wanted the Pier to be the place for it to be launched as it was a perfect fit. It’s been a real team effort in putting the night together. More than launching the song and a night of entertainment, the team wanted to raise funds for a prominent Geelong charity.

‘I left Geelong in 2010, 7 years ago, and while I’ve raised funds for various Geelong charities over 20 years of performing, I needed updating on a great cause. It was in agreeance to help The Sanctuary Counselling Service due to the service they provide and the large amount of locals who have benefitted from it. Read their story posted Oct 6th https://humansingeelong.com/2017/10/06/the-sanctuary-tara/

‘All over the world when I travel, I talk about how much Geelong people look after Geelong people, I’ve seen it in other places but it’s not same. Geelong still feels like a country town where people really care about each other.

‘In 1999 when I had the accident and became a quadriplegic, I realised I could never repay the people of Geelong for what they did for me. I’ve always wanted to give back to the people and charities of Geelong.

‘Tim lives in Brisbane with his wife Mel Kruize, their first child, a son, will soon be turning one.’

Story: Jacqui Bennett Photo: Phil Nitchie – @nitchphotography