“I WANT GEELONG YOUTH TO LIVE A CREATIVE LIFE, IN A VIBRANT PLACE, FOR YOUNG PEOPLE TO GROW, ENGAGE AND TO EXPLORE THE WORLD.” – Alexandra McTavish, Executive Producer of Courthouse Youth Arts, has called Geelong home for the past two years and has a wonderful vision for our young people: to develop as young artists, who can express what it means to live in this place and time, and to communicate that to the rest of the world.


“A creative life is full of highs and lows, and being sensitive to the way artists work is a huge help in my line of work”.

Alex, who was an actor for many years, as well as co-founder and creative producer of Anywhere Theatre Festival (www.anywhere.is) can totally relate to the artists’ process.

Courthouse Youth Arts

Alex is on a mission for The Courthouse to lead youth, on a local, state and national level.  She hopes to be a generous and sensitive mentor and supporter of young emerging artists, and for her CHYA program to provide a thrilling, bold and engaging arts practice.

“I want CHYA to be a place where young people gather to say what they really mean – to let out their frustrations, outrage and confusion, at what we’re all living through, so they can go home again with some faith in humanity and sense of purpose”.

Young people inspire Alex and she finds the most enjoyable part of her role is supporting and motivating young people to find a sense of connection, self-trust and to help them become truly heard in their community.

“It’s proven that participation in the arts has significant and positive impacts on young people; it enhances self-confidence, reduces anxiety levels and makes them better able to cope with challenges in their lives. I can’t imagine a more fulfilling job than this, and I’m so proud to lead an organisation with such a rich history here in Geelong.”

“The Courthouse has had halcyon periods but it’s also had a tumultuous history in recent years. It’s thanks to Kaz Paton and her Arts & Culture team at City of Greater Geelong, who have long been dedicated supporters of CHYA that have allowed the organisation to find its feet again. I want to honour the legacy and continue the great work done by those who came before me.”

To find out more about CHYA, their programs and to take a free class in art/writing/directing/theatre, and more, please visit: http://courthouse.org.au

Story: Sandra Zeiback Photo: Mikel Healey