“It’s amazing what people can achieve when they work together!” Glen Munday, Associate Pastor- Community Services, explains how Kardinia Church are an example of people working together to achieve a difference in the Geelong community. They found themselves challenged at a conference a few years ago when asked “Would your community miss you if you weren’t there?”

Ground force 2

Rick and Leonie Wright, Senior Pastors at Kardinia Church, responded to that challenge by way of Groundforce – an annual one day landscaping makeover of a local school or community group in need.  Glen has been leading the Groundforce team for the past 5 years.  He describes this colossal effort as “a practical, hands on way can you serve others, that empowers people to make difference in the community.”

Since it began in 2004, Groundforce has helped a long list of local schools to revitalise their outdoor spaces.  Last month 282 volunteers got to work at Herne Hill Primary School. Their people power, along with many generous donations of materials and equipment from local businesses, achieved a fresh new school ground. A sustainable garden, new seating areas, turf installation, tree planting, and a new concrete path were just some of the amazing accomplishments on the day, all within a budget of just under $7,500.

Ground force 3

It was an unexpected but welcome moment when Kardinia Church and the Groundforce team approached Herne Hill Primary School, and asked Principal Shane Ezard to write down the improvements the school would love to see.  Shane passed on a wish list, and Glen is proud to say that Groundforce, together with school community volunteers, were able to tick all the boxes on the day. Absolutely incredible!

See the Groundforce team in action at  If you’d like to get involved or think your business could help out with next year’s lucky school, please contact Kardinia Church Ph. 03 5272 2003. Please share.

Story: Sarah Treacy. Photo: supplied by Groundforce Kardinia Church