Ikani Vaitohi is from Tonga and he is a big man with a big heart. He is the Minister at Belmont Uniting Church. He has a wife called Moana (she even looks like the girl in the movie!!) and a bus load of kids. Words to describe Ikani are kind, fun and a wonderful cook!

Ikani 1

He loves music very much and noticed some school kids in Geelong were not getting to play an instrument. Ikani set up the Whittington Strings project for children whose families could not afford for their children to play violin or cello. It has been an AMAZING success.

Ikani is making a huge difference in children’s lives. He has a load of LOVE to give.

Story by Anna Wood, from Grade Prep at Christian College Junior School, the winner of the Lower Primary School Section of Humans in Geelong Writing Competition “Discover your Inner Journalist” 2018. Photo: supplied