Kiribati is sinking…what can we do?

Kiribati is sinking… What can we do? The country, Kiribati is made up of 33 islands and has a population of about half of Geelong. It’s a beautiful place in the South Pacific nestled between the Marshall Islands, Fiji and Western Samoa and is right on the equator. Some of you may have known it as the Gilbert Islands. It is a poor country and its people are struggling to survive because of the rising sea level and constant flooding caused by Climate Change.


Most of Kiribati is only 2 metres above sea level and because of rising sea levels is subject to frequent flooding. The inhabitants have started to build a wall to keep them safe but this is only a short-term solution. The people of Kiribati are also growing mangroves to help protect their vulnerable coastlines from further erosion. Choi Yeeting has been the official Climate Change Commissioner since 2010 and among other things, he is concerned about sanitation problems.

Kiribati’s dire situation, caused by global warming and climate change, has featured heavily in the press over the last two years.

This inquiry into Kiribati was undertaken by Amelia, 12, of Highton Primary School who produced a book about the topic. She hopes that “one day we can help make it easier for these people to live a happy and safe life on their homeland that isn’t being flooded.”

If you are a student and would like to see more Action against Climate Change, join the #Climatestrike and sit on the steps of Parliament House at midday on November 30th. The Australian Youth Climate Coalition has more information here: Adults who are sick of InAction on climate change, can support this movement by joining the day of InAction on November 30th. Info here:

There are petitions you can sign. The Australian Conservation Foundation And Professor Peter Graham’s daughter Ella-Mei, 11, has started a petition from the kids of Australia to the government, to voice their concerns about climate change targets in policy making. #extinctionrebellion #ClimateStrike #DayofInAction

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